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A Mother of two, wife, daughter, sister, friend & Holistic healer to all. I am a true believer that a smile can warm a heart, while a hug can save a life. Energy can neither be bought or sold, but merely transferred. spreading Good energy is necessary for a great life. I am an educated certified Holistic nutritionist, life coach, & certified fitness instructor. I love the natural elements in healing & enjoy learning more about our bodies and how they work. I recognize that healing comes in many forms, including oils, so I include them in my daily treatments with my clients. I am currently partnered up with two amazing distributors,  BioCare for CBD oil & Young living oils.

Me, Myself & Health was created because I recognized that I wasn't being selfish enough." Well, what do you mean selfish enough?" I wasn't taking the time to love me!! Love my mind, my body & my spirit. Years of chasing the work, money and status not realizing that my health was deteriorating. So I quit a job in the City and focused on being closer to home. Bad eating habits, less time with my kids,  3 hour commutes and restless sleep wasn't the dream I wanted for myself nor my family. I went back to the drawing board, first studying to acquire my fitness certification then pursued the holistic certification. Certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University taught by renowned Dr. T. Colin Campbell. It also helps having a Masters of Science in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition degree along with a Business background  of over 20 plus years! This is a recipe for success!! My healing programs are focused on teaching you how to eat right for optimal health with food combining using a Whole food Plant Based lifestyle. Teaching about the reversal of diabetes & heart failure. Implementing Plant based nutrition for kids, raw food diets, fitness sessions, life counseling, CBD Oil, & etc. Life is to be lived to the fullest!! You can't  live the life you want if you are dull, sick & tired. You need the energy of food to revive your spirit, mind & physical strength. welcome to Me, Myself, &Health!!!

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