Can A Clean House Keep Your Immune System Healthy?

Why keeping your environment clean can help you stay Happy, Healthy & Alive......

For years my family and friends have often called me "OCD" (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). What are they really saying? Well, Those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have a greater need or compulsion to clean or perform cleaning rituals so that they feel in control. When they cannot keep up with these things, they feel as if their life is falling apart. While I don't have the feeling of my life falling apart, I do have the need to keep my house clean at all times!! Why?! Let's see......Germs suppress the immune system and cause you to become sick. However, by continuously cleaning your home with a quality disinfectant, you can kill up to 98 percent of the daily germs and it also helps to keep your family healthy! If I can keep my family healthy then I am 100% moving in the right direction.

I'm not saying to be compulsive, as our bodies still need to be exposed to a certain amount of germs!! We just want to kill the 100- 200 ones that are potentially harmful. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE cleaning and the freshness it gives a home. There are some simple things you can do to enhance your home environment like Cleaning your fridge, because bacteria lives in there as well. It takes less than 30 minutes to Spray the inside of the fridge with a solution of vinegar and water (even add lemon), concentrate on soiled areas and let it soak in. Wash the removed shelves and drawers with warm soapy water and set them aside to dry. Head back to the fridge and wipe everything down with a rag. Dry shelves and drawers and return them to the fridge! Voila!

Another favorite of mine is ....burning some sage. It has a long history of use in Egypt, Rome, and Greek medicine, as well as within Native American healing traditions. As far as burning sage is concerned, dried sage is burned as a possible way to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defense against disease. Some of the reported benefits of burning sage include the following.... like removing bacteria from the air, repelling insects, improving intuition, purifying specific objects, improving mood while reducing stress and anxiety. Just remember to open a window or door before you start burning the sage. This allows the smoke to exit your house. Which leads me to my all time favorite thing to do while cleaning......

Opening Windows Can Clear Your Home Of Indoor Pollutants, But if you never exchange the air inside your home for fresh air, it can get stale and potentially lead to health issues. Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome, or SBS for short? That’s when you spend a lot of time inside a space that is tightly sealed and with little ventilation. Did you know that Opening windows can help You think and can make you happier?

Not only will your physical health benefit from open windows, your mental health could get a boost as well. Various studies indicate air quality has a profound effect on cognition. For example, a University of Tulsa research project found proper ventilation is important for learning. Researchers say student test scores improved when hot stuffy indoor air was replaced with cooler outdoor air. OPEN YOUR WINDOWS!!! Let the bad stuff out and allow the goodness of nature in!

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