Top 5 ways to live your best life


At 38 I'm living my best life yet! Even though I thought that at 18, as I get older I realized that my wisdom toppled with my experiences in life have given me a more peaceful mindset. I recently sat down to write in my journal and thought about what has truly helped me to live my best life. Here it is:

Top 5 ways to live your best life :

1. HELP-

I have found that when life is stressful and things don't seem to be going in your direction sometimes it's best to find someone who may need your help. We all need help. So instead of worrying about things you can't fix try turning into a super hero and helping someone else. It doesn't need to be monetary, maybe babysitting or even visiting a hospital and spending time with someone who is less fortunate than you. This is one way to relieve stress and help someone else. When we look to help others the reward is priceless.

2. REST-

If Getting a full nights sleep can help rejuvenate your body, mind &spirit. Then What about an afternoon nap? I understand many of us work full time jobs that require us to work 9-5. Sometimes it's worth it to take a 1/2 day and use it to just sleep. Turn off the phone . Turn off the TV. And just rest. This helps to let your body catch up and be ready for whatever project you have next!

3. SUN - by any means possible, get some sun! The right way of course, use sunscreen or even my favorite, coconut oil. Take a trip, go to the beach or just lay out and read a good book when the whether permits. Vitamin D is essential to prevention of depression, it Helps to give you stronger healthier bones and prevents diseases. Go Get some sunshine!

4. MEDITATE/PRAY- if I'm praying ..... Or meditating. I'm definitely focusing on the goodness of life. It's easy to look at the world today and get concerned. So focusing on the positive helps to alleviate the worries. when You wake up in the morning, take 30min to breathe, pray/meditate before getting your day started. Look at your vision board, play a speech or sermon that can motivate you! Maybe even get a prayer partner or use a journal to express yourself. Write down your thoughts. Pray or meditate over them and then a year later read it over. Most times you will find that you have grown tremendously in a year. Reflecting on where your used to be will help keep you grateful on where you are today

5. WALK- people rarely walk anymore, at times we don't even want to get up to find the control to the TV. We would rather call the kids to do it (guilty), but Walking is a wonderful way to invite peace into your life. It helps to move your body system and provides you with a great way to exercise. Some of my best ideas or thoughts have come from taking a long walk. So next time you have a big decision to make, maybe you should take a long walk before your decision.

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