The Traveling Vegan

”I’m Vegan, how do I travel with snacks?!”


Before I started my Vegan lifestyle I often wondered how did my fellow vegans handle traveling ?!! At the time, I had my own issues finding healthier choices on many of my travels. But I realized one day, while sitting on a plane that I was actually sitting next to a vegan. I was totally impressed as I observed her, I noticed that she had a snack pack filled with goodies, which somewhat reminded me of a kindergarten lunchbox :) I was thoroughly impressed! As I continued to look, I realized The bag was filled with fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeded crackers. Ever since then I was convinced that I would never buy another meal at the airport. The big question in my mind was "when would I have time to prepare it ?" With my busy lifestyle it was hard just finding time to prepare our everyday meals. Being a mom of 2 & a wife, meant I didn't have much time to myself. Let's not get started on all my other responsibilities like work, business, school & friends........ it all came down to one word, Preparation! All I needed to do was prepare my snack bag! So easy, right? But I found that adding 30 min before our regular wake up travel time or even prepping the night before helped tremendously. Zip-lock bags and containers often help me sort and organize what and when I should eat my food. Especially, when you have to manage everyone else's agenda in your family. The best part is knowing that when they get hungry, mama has a healthy option on deck!!! Go healthy Momma's!!! So what are some of my “go to” airport foods for myself and my family?


Apples- apples are amazing, especially if you have a morning flight and you just can’t shake that tired swag! Often called a "miracle food" and a "nutritional powerhouse," an apple a day really may keep the doctor away as they're one of the healthiest foods a person can eat. These round and juicy fruits are high in fiber and vitamin C, and they are also low in calories, have only a trace of sodium, and no fat or cholesterol.

Apples are high in polyphenols, which function as antioxidants, These polyphenols are found in both the skin of the apples as well as in the meat, so to get the greatest amount of benefits, eat the skin of the apple.

Dates- As a child I hated these. But now as an adult I love love love Dates!! High in polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds that can protect the body from inflammation. Dates contain more polyphenols than most other fruits and vegetables.Alternative to empty-calorie sweets. Dates can satisfy a person’s sweet tooth while also providing essential nutrients, such as vitamin B-6 and iron.High in fiber. Just ¼ of a cup of dates provides 12 percent of a person’s daily fiber requirement. Fiber helps a person feel fuller for longer.High in potassium. Dates are high in potassium, which is an electrolyte the body needs for good heart health. Potassium also helps to build muscle and proteins in the body.Great for substitutions. People can replace the sugar, chocolate chips, or candies in baking recipes with dates to ensure they are eating natural sugars instead of refined sugars.

Mandarins- Simple & fun plus the smell of any citrus helps boost your mood instantly. These fruits can also help reduce inflammation and the risk of certain diseases, as well as protect your brain and heart. Mandarin benefits include anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Citrus fruits have cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties. Most of these properties are thanks to their beneficial bioactive compounds. This includes certain nutrients, like vitamin C, which have antioxidant properties.'

Hummus- protein packed and perfect for any crackers. One cup of ready-to-eat chickpeas contains 10 grams of protein and about 10 grams of dietary fiber—which is 40% of the daily minimum target. They are also packed with antioxidants and several other key nutrients. A 2016 study found that people who regularly consume chickpeas and/or hummus have higher intakes of fiber, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamins A, E, and C.

Crackers - preferably seeded crackers because they are Packed with fiber, protein, healthy fats, omega-3's and a variety of micronutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, b vitamins and vitamin E. Seed crackers are one of my go-to, satiating snacks and a delicious way to get in that daily dose of super seed goodness that I just cant seem to stop snacking on!

Cucumbers- What A great option!! Cucumbers are good sources of phytonutrients (plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties) such flavonoids, lignans and triterpenes, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits, according to World's Healthiest Foods. The anti-inflammatory compounds in cucumbers help remove waste from the body and reduce skin irritation & gives you glowy skin! last but not the least cucumbers promote anti-wrinkling and anti-aging activity.

Red Bell peppers- nature’s highest from of vitamin C! Surprised ?!! Traveling with millions of people touching, sneezing & coughing often times can spreads some unwanted virus like the flu, common colds, and even today’s newest problem..... the Coronavirus. It’s important to load our body up with the best antioxidants to boost our immune system. Red peppers contain more than 200 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. ...Red bell peppers are a great source of vitamin B6 and folate. ...Red bell peppers help support healthy night vision. ...Red bell peppers are packed with antioxidants. ...Burn more calories with red bell peppers. BOOM!! get you some Red Bell Peppers!

Raw Spinach- do you remember Popeye the sailor man?? No, not Popeyes’s your favorite chicken spot!!!! Popeye the sailor man was super skinny but anytime he popped a can of spinach in his mouth he became super strong with big muscles!!! Now I’m not saying you should go buy canned spinach(not the best option) but get your favorite organic raw spinach and consume! Daily! Spinach contains omega -3 fats, iron and phytonutrients. Why do we need those?? phytonutrients are said to help slow down the aging process and may protect against a host of illnesses and diseases like some cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic health conditions. In addition, they could work to enhance immunity and serve as antioxidants.

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